FCW Championship Holders

FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship
FCW Florida 15 Championship
FCW Florida Tag Team Championship
FCW Florida Diva's Championship
FCW Queen of Florida
FCW Southern Heavyweight Championship

FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship

The top title in Florida Championship Wrestling


Jack Swagger defeated Ted DiBiase Jr.
Sheamus defeated Jack Swagger
Eric Escobar defeated Sheamus
Joe Hennig defeated Eric Escobar
The title is now vacant
Drew McIntyre defeated Eric Escobar
Tyler Reks defeated Drew McIntyre
Heath Slater defeated Tyler Reks
Justin Gabriel defeated Heath Slater
Alex Riley defeated Justin Gabriel
Mason Ryan defeated Alex Riley
Bo Rotundo defeated Mason Ryan
Lucky Cannon defeated Bo Rotundo
Bo Rotundo defeated Lucky Cannon
The title is now vacant
Leo Kruger defeated Dean Ambrose, Husky Harris, and Damien Sandow
Mike Dalton defeated Leo Kruger
Leo Kruger defeated Mike Dalton
Seth Rollins defeated Leo Kruger
Rick Victor defeated Seth Rollins
Bo Dallas defeated Rick Victor
Rick Victor defeated Bo Dallas
Richie Steamboat defeated Rick Victor

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