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WWE Championship Holders

WWE Diva's Championship

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WWE Diva's Championship
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WWE Million $ Championship
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WWE Women's Championship
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Undertaker's Wrestlemania Streak
Raw Guest Hosts

The sixth top title in the WWE and appears on both brands


Michelle McCool defeated Natalya
Maryse defeated Michelle McCool
Mickie James defeated Maryse
Jillian Hall defeated Mickie James
Melina defeated Jillian Hall
The title is now vacant
Maryse defeated Gail Kim
Eve Torres defeated Maryse
Alicia Fox defeated Eve Torres
Melina defeated Alicia Fox
Michelle McCool and Layla defeated Melina
Natalya defeated Michelle McCool and Layla
Eve Torres defeated Natalya
Brie Bella defeated Eve Torres
Kelly Kelly defeated Brie Bella
Beth Phoenix defeated Kelly Kelly
Nikki Bella defeated Beth Phoenix
Layla defeated Nikki Bella
Eve Torres defeated Layla

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