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WWE Championship Holders

WWE World Heavyweight Championship

WWE Championship
WWE World Heavyweight Championship
WWE NXT Championship
WWE Intercontinental Championship
WWE United States Championship
WWE World Tag Team Championship
WWE Diva's Championship
ECW World Heavyweight Championship
WWE European Championship
WWE Hardcore Championship
WWE Million $ Championship
WWE Unified Tag Team Championship
WWE Tag Team Championship
WWE Cruiserweight Championship
WWE Light Heavyweight Championship
WWE Women's Championship
Triple Crown Champions
Grand Slam Champions
Royal Rumble Winners
King of the Ring Winners
Money in the Bank Winners
WWE NXT Winners
WWE Tough Enough Winners
WWE Diva Search Winners
Undertaker's Wrestlemania Streak
Raw Guest Hosts

The second top title in the WWE and the top title on the Smackdown roster


Triple H was awarded the title
Shawn Michaels defeated Triple H
Triple H defeated Shawn Michaels
Goldberg defeated Triple H
Triple H defeated Goldberg
Chris Benoit defeated Triple H
Randy Orton defeated Chris Benoit
Triple H defeated Randy Orton
The title is now vacant
Triple H defeated Randy Orton
Batista defeated Triple H
The title is now vacant
Kurt Angle last eliminated Mark Henry in a 20 Man Battle Royal
Rey Mysterio defeated Kurt Angle
King Booker defeated Rey Mysterio
Batista defeated King Booker
Undertaker defeated Batista
Edge defeated Undertaker
The title is now vacant
The Great Khali last eliminated Kane in a 20 Man Battle Royal
Batista defeated The Great Khali
Edge defeated Batista
Undertaker defeated Edge
The title is now vacant
Edge defeated Undertaker
CM Punk defeated Edge
Chris Jericho defeated CM Punk
Batista defeated Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho defeated Batista
John Cena defeated Chris Jericho
Edge defeated John Cena
John Cena defeated Edge
Edge defeated John Cena
Jeff Hardy defeated Edge
CM Punk defeated Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy defeated CM Punk
CM Punk defeated Jeff Hardy
Undertaker defeated CM Punk
Chris Jericho defeated Undertaker
Jack Swagger defeated Chris Jericho
Rey Mysterio defeated Jack Swagger
Kane defeated Rey Mysterio
Edge defeated Kane
Dolph Ziggler defeated Edge
Edge defeated Dolph Ziggler
The title is now vacant
Christian defeated Alberto Del Rio
Randy Orton defeated Christian
Christian defeated Randy Orton
Randy Orton defeated Christian
Mark Henry defeated Randy Orton
Big Show defeated Mark Henry
Daniel Bryan defeated Big Show
Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan
Big Show defeated Sheamus

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